by Daren Todd

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Daren Todd is a rapper, poet, and musician born and raised in Lompoc, California. He inherited an affinity for music and literature at a young age from his parents. Combining both passions, he created a music career that spanned the space-time vortex and landed here on Earth to brighten our journeys.

Daren Todd’s debut single “Strange,” captures a vivid world that depicts everything from daily struggles to social injustice and the exploration of what it means to be human.


From the jump I’ve been strange.
Make everyone know my name.
Those who once called me insane
Now know I live without shame --

I’ve been struggling for like seven days tryna figure out the right beats to play.
Voices seem really close but vague, cuz none of the words I can use today.
The only voice I wanna hear is yours, by the time you call we dont have much say.
Wondering if we made the choice, or should Give up on all our dreams n fade -
This is real future, you know real past, aint no real sutures when your hearts slashed, got your kombucha tryna clean out when your souls grayer than a tray of ash -- you dont pray no more, you dont even ask - what you should do, you just move on passed, you wanna stack that paper, roll that cash

Well I’ve been switchin, I’ve been wishing for things that have been, I relax my irises think of the things that happen, maybe ive been dreaming reality is established, so why have i been fiending for all of these things to happen

From the jump I’ve been strange.
Make everyone know my name.
Those who once called me insane+0
Now know I live without shame --

All this time ive been waiting for its been right here, right inside my mind, i can see the future but i cant afford it, feeling like my only enemy is time. Lucid dreaming i can run and fly, waking up i start to wonder why i loose control the more i try to fight, but if i give in now you can say goodbye, cuz i been living for this one reason, waking up checking if im still breathing, looking down floating up in my ceiling, body sleep, mind is reel real reeling-- we're anonymous cause you could be one of us, not one to flaunt it but, i just been hooked on these phonics since i floated away to be honest yeah --

I been strugglin for like seven days, tryna figure out the right words to say, choices lead to gettin shot or tazed, every step i take, every show i play, cuz i got a debt that i still aint paid, but every check i put a little but aside n save, the warrants follow, the sirens call oh --


released September 1, 2017
Written and Performed by Daren Todd //
Produced Mixed and Mastered by LesMoss

Illustration by Daren Todd
Design and layout by Anthony DeMarco

© 2017 It's Future Time


all rights reserved



It's Future Time Portland, Oregon

Independent artist collective based in Portland, Oregon // Writing songs and playing instruments.

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